We are the manufacturer of sulphur, sulphur WP 80%, sulphur dust, double refined sulphur roll, double refined sulphur powder, etc.

• Double Refined Sulphur Powder (Gold Star Brand) • Double refined Sulphur powder Fine Grade
• Double refined Sulphur powder Super Fine Grade • Sulphur WP 80%
• Sulphur Dust 85% • Sulphur WDP 80%
• Double Refined Sulphur Powder (Gold Star Brand)

We are supplying a highly purified range of double refined sulphur powder - Gold Star brand, which is used for various industrial applications. The double refined sulphur Powder is extensively used in the rubber industries like Tyre manufacturing etc.

• Sulphur WP 80%

Our company also offers a range of products used in the food and agricultural sector like premium .quality pesticides and insecticides. In this section the product that gas the maximum demand is the Sulphur WP 80%. The Sulphur WP 80% is a kind of acaricide made with a micronised formulation of wettable sulhpur that is used to control pests of the acari group in the crops. The sulphur WP 80% is especially effective in controlling powdery mildew and eriophyid mites on grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines, tomatoes and cucurbits. This acaricide is used to control grey mites on citrus fruit plants.

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